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Business Development Director
MA International Public Policy, ACAC

Jamie Herrera has been an advocate for human rights for much of her life. It wasn't until she lived in Mexico after obtaining a Bachelors in Diplomacy and World Affairs from OccidentalCollege in Los Angeles CA that she saw and experienced explicit dismissal of people with disabilities such as herself as invalid human beings, meant to be isolated and hidden away.As the Operations and Public Relations Manager at Divertigranja, and educational zoological farm in Oaxaca, Mexico, Jamie addressed these issues by developing programs that brought local youth with and without disabilities together during field trips and summer camp programs, and actively engaged with state political officials for better implementation of accessibility laws and policies, Jamie returned to the themes of disparities in disability policy implementation when pursuing a Masters degree at UC San Diego, during which she interned with the IS State Department Closed Captioning Initiative in the Office of e-Diplomacy, and interned in partnership with the International Disability Alliance at the Unites Nations office in Geneva, Switzerland, With a strong background in networking and liaising between nonprofit, government, and for-profit sectors, Jamie takes Club ABLE's mission of empowerment through its members seriously, and engages with potential partnerships wherever they may be found, to continually expand Club ABLE's service network. ​